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EMU–COST.net est le site du projet de recherche européen EMU. Ce site cherche à faire connaître le projet EMU et à le soutenir dans sa candidature auprés de COST, une institution européenne visant à développer des coopérations européennes en matière de sciences et de technologies. Chef de projet : Georges Depeyrot, CNRS Paris. Webdesign et réalisation technique : Thomas Crognier, Paris

EMU–COST.net is the site of the European research project EMU. This site seeks to inform the EMU project and support its COST application, a European institution to develop European cooperation in science and technology. Project Manager: George DEPEYROT, CNRS Paris. Webdesign and technical implementation: Thomas Crognier, Paris

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BCE logo The European Central BankThe ECB is the central bank for the European single currency, the euro. The creation of the euro area and a new supranational institution, the ECB has been a milestone in the long and complex process of European integration, where the responsibilities of monetary policies have been transferred from national central banks of Member States ECB. Thus, since 1 January 1999, the ECB is responsible for conducting monetary policy in the euro area - the largest economy in the world after the United States, which now includes 16 countries.
Headquartered in Frankfurt am Main in Germany in June 1998, the ECB employs approximately 1,350 people in 27 countries of the EU. As central bank, responsible for the single European currency, she works closely with the national central banks of all countries in the euro area as a team called the Eurosystem. In addition, they also form a group called the European System of Central Banks (ESCB). The main objective of the ECB is to ensure that prices remain stable, maintaining the purchasing power of the euro and thus price stability in the euro area. › See letter of support (.pdf) › Website

Discover for each country institutions and researchers who are interested in the EMU-COST project. Click on a country in white in the map below, or select a country from the dropdown.

Other Countries Bulgaria Slovenia Serbia Hungary Greece Estonia Romania Norway Sweden Denmark Netherlands Luxembourg Belgium Austria Switzerland Italy Portugal Spain Poland Czech Republic United Kingdom Germany France

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