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EMU–COST.net est le site du projet de recherche européen EMU. Ce site cherche à faire connaître le projet EMU et à le soutenir dans sa candidature auprés de COST, une institution européenne visant à développer des coopérations européennes en matière de sciences et de technologies. Chef de projet : Georges Depeyrot, CNRS Paris. Webdesign et réalisation technique : Thomas Crognier, Paris

EMU–COST.net is the site of the European research project EMU. This site seeks to inform the EMU project and support its COST application, a European institution to develop European cooperation in science and technology. Project Manager: George DEPEYROT, CNRS Paris. Webdesign and technical implementation: Thomas Crognier, Paris

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The COST application EMU was presented for the first time for the 2009/2 open call.
The COST program was the continuation and amplification of several international cooperative programs, PICS (Programme International de Coopération Scientifique) and Groupement de Recherche Européen / European Research Network), linking several European countries during the last 15 years



It was prepared in summer 2009 by Dr. Georges Depeyrot, with the support of the CNRS (France), in association with Dr. Roger Bland, British Museum, London; Pr. Aleksander Bursche, Institute of Archaeology, Warsaw; Dr. David Wigg-Wolf, Römisch-Germanische Kommission, Deutsche Archäologische Institut, Frankfurt and with the main representatives of the main European institutions in the field.

During the XIV International Numismatic Congress held in Glasgow between Monday 31st August and Friday 4th September 2009, the participants organized a meeting to prepare the application :

Georges Depeyrot 2009

Georges Depeyrot

Aleksander Bursche, 2009

Aleksander Bursche

Meeiting of Glasgow 2009

The floor


The abstract of the application (1000 characters) was finished in September 2009.
In autumn 2009, the European Central Bank joined the application and accepted the idea to participate to the network.

In November, the EMU application was selected amongst about 150 abstracts and invited to present the full proposal. Only 12 applications were invited to present the full proposal.

In January it was decided to promote the EMU application in adding a video to present the project [› see the 2009 video].

In mid January the team presented, after several meetings in Frankfurt & Warsaw, the full proposal.
Unfortunately, we have not been invited to the hearing and were not in the short list of 6 applications selected.


We decided to apply again to the 2010/2 call, as the last event in Europe proved the importance of our subject.
The team was reinforced with the adjunction of new institutions, of sociologists. The topics were more clearly defined.
We also opened a website to prove our ability to disseminate the information. We decided to present a new video[›] at the same moment as the submission of the abstract, proving the high level of the institutions involved in the project.
In France, this application is now supported by the CNRS and the École Normale Supérieure, rue d'Ulm, Paris.
Unfortunately, even with a good assessment our application has not been successful (2011/2-7580).



The application 2011/1-9297 is the re-application of the proposal 2010/2-7580.
› see the steps and deadlines 2010 in detail (COST website).


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